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Test with Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test through DDES will help pinpoint the exact nature of your strengths, learning and acquiring styles, inborn potential, brain dominance, your personality type among other facets of your being. Our computer generated results provide you with a wide array of comprehensive results relating to the aforementioned after only providing us with your fingerprints. Our report will undoubtedly assist you in overcoming challenges with the respect to the following areas—



Age group: 3-10 years.


Analysis of the brain for children will help parents develop a deeper understanding of their children’s innate nature. This analysis, based on your child’s needs and skills is adaptive, instinctive and responsive. Ideally, the optimum age for getting your child tested is 3-10 years. At this age, teaching and instruction must be guided by the child’s learning style, which can be determined with the DMIT test. Their education must involve the use of both their creative (right) as well as their analytic (left) sides of their brain. Their capabilities must be discovered and focused on as early as possible with relation to their multiple intelligences. DDES, through the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test will provide you with a scientifically proven assessment that will consider your child’s individual potential, as well as provide you with effective parenting techniques to allow maximum development of core expertise right from their childhood.

80% of your child’s brain development with complete within 10 years. Your child is born with multiple intelligences and it is important teachers and parents recognize these. This time span is also an optimum for improving your child’s memory power and encouraging their creativity and any talents they might possess

WITH Dream Destiny Education Services, THROUGH DMIT:


Strengthen your child’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses.

Discover your child’s inborn talents.

Identify their most effective learning style.

Channelize learning styles and methods efficiently.

Develop activities based on their innate potentials.

Identify their multiple intelligence.

Improve your relationship with your child.




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